Right Step, LLC!
At Right Step you'll find low cost business startups, specific business plans, financials, marketing plans, marketing materials, domains and web hosting. In a variety of Service industries like: Tranont, Barbeque, Elderly Relocation Consultant, HVAC, Janitorial, Landscaping, Maid Services,  Packing/Unpacking (Local),  Plumbing, Mobile Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Personalized Products,  Logo Design, Food Cart, Food Trucks, , Senior Home Companion,  Temporary Tattoos, Wash & Fold.
Naturally, you shouldn't expect these businesses to make you millions, but if you take them seriously enough you'll be able to do well at them. ($1,000 per week provides you with $52,000 in extra income!) Many of these businesses are well suited for a part-time endeavor, while others (with a little luck and a lot of hard work) will allow you to devote yourself to them full-time.
And who knows? Maybe they will make you millions. In any case, Right Step provides you with the foundation for making money now.
We believe in finding businesses that allow individuals to control their own destiny; create their own environment; pursue their passions; invest in themselves; make more money and become financially independent.