Elderly Relocation Business Opportunity

Resource #1 - Elderly Relocation Business Plan

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elderly relocation business opportunity and marketing plan
senior relocation startup financials checklists and social marketing material
elderly and senior relocation business consultant ideas and plans
Contents include: Retails for - $29.00
Customer Service Manual

Standard Operating Procedures

Employee Policy Manual

Business Survival Guide; Teaches you which numbers you need to focus on for SMALL BUSINESS SUCCESS!

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Resource #4- Senior Relocation Financial Overview

Sample of Financial Overview
Contents include: Retails for - $19.95
Understanding You Financial Statements
Cash Flow Statement
Blance Sheets
Income Statements


Resource # 3- Senior Relocation Excel Sheet Financials

Retails for - $59.99

Resource #5 - Elderly Relocation Startup Checklist

Contents include: Retails for - $29.49
Business Formation Setup
Financial Setup 
Business Setup
Marketing Setup
Operations Setup
Business Operations

What is Customer Service
How to Help a Customer 
Types of Customers
Greeting Customers
Excellent Customer Service
How to Develop a Customer Survey
Opening and Closing Policy
Phone Policy
Breakroom Policy
Customer Complaint Policy
Password Policy
Request Time Off Policy

Contents include: Retails for - $149.69
EEOC Policy
Probationary Policy
Standards of Conduct Policy
Sexual Harassment Policy
Substance Abuse Policy
Military Leave Policy

Contents include: Retails for - $329.00
$ 79.95
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Business Plan!
Marketing Plan!
Excel Financials!
Financial Overview
Business Start up Check list!
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Retails for - $39.99
Contents include:

Executive Summary
Organization Plan
Products and Services
SWOT analysis
Methods used to contact the target market
Sample of Marketing Plan

Resource #2 - Senior Relocation Marketing Plan

Retails for - $49.59
Contents include:
No Fluff Marketing Plan
Where Can I Get A Customer Today?
Where Can I Get A Customer Tomorrow?
How Can I Make Marketing Items? 
How Should Your Marketing Week Look?
Cash Flow
Balance Sheet
Income Statement
Sample of Business Plan

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