Start now, before this offer expires and your business gets left behind, don’t let your competitors beat you to your customers and put mobile advertising campaigns in motion.
$59.99 Monthly
Text Message Marketing, Contacting Customers and Prospects Where They Are On Their Cell Phones!
Text Message Marketing! The Rapid Customer, Sales and Profit Building Tool
$59.99 Monthly
Generate leads, be engaging, interactive cost effectively.
90% of leads prefer to be texted, compared to called. 

A Great way to Engage Customers.
90% of Text Messages Are Read Within 3 Minutes

High Open Rate Quick .
Average response time for a text is 90 seconds

Quick Feedback from Customers.
75% of people like offers sent via text

No Spam Filters to Deal With.
Picture customers buying from you again and again, as you contact them on their smart devices (Where they are) where they lap up your simple yet oh so delicious text marketing messages.
It would be like having a mysterious profit faucet that you just twisted open or closed, at will, confounding your competitors at every turn
Your thinking it sounds too good to be true.  But what if were good and true?  Would you want to know more?
Imagine spending a tiny proportion of what your competition does to get new business.
Introducing; “Business Marketing For Pennies on the Dollar!” - An Easy Use System from GMMS Your Customer and Revenue Builder”
Here’s what your GMMS’s mobile marketing System provides:
Attractive and easy to use mobile coupons and landing pages for your business, even if you don’t have a website!

GEO Location Targeting - ideal for multi-location businesses: advertise all over town with ONE LINK (Customers get the deal they’re closest to!)

Day part campaign scheduling: schedule campaigns by day, date, time (example: show deals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Monday and Tuesday only)

Split Test: test unlimited pages/coupons (intuitive user interface makes it easy)

One click social sharing: Facebook, Twitter, Email, SMS

Powerful marketing tools such as scarcity widget, deals remaining widget: (‘Only x out of xx left”, “Offer ends dd/mm/yy @ hh:mm:ss”)  
Redemption tracking/limiting        
Dynamic Google Maps integration (one touch directions)

Analytics Dashboard with complete report customization
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